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Tree Trimming

Get rid of dead or unhealthy tree branches. the goal is to reduce the vertical height of the tree without compromising the structural soundness of the tree.

Tree Trimming


Trees are huge contributors to the aesthetic value of a home, greatly appealing to the living and natural landscape of the property. Hence, the industry has responded by providing a wide assortment of tree types perfectly themed and suited for the vibrancy of your property. However, there is no garden without a gardener. Like all living things, the growth and expansion of trees must be observed, well-taken care of, and regulated throughout different seasons. It is therefore worthy to note that it is possible for a tree to get infections, suffer from stunted growth, decay, weaken or become unstable, posing a health hazard at home. While in the wild, tree growth problems are not such a concern; there is plenty of space for constant growth and spreading out, and the ecosystem has its ways of supporting the natural life of flora and fauna. However, for property developments where space allocation is fundamental, you will need professional tree trimming services, not just a random hacking of tree branches whenever it seems the time. How you carry out tree pruning is important to not only increase the efficiency of the job but also to ensure the tree responds with an appropriate growth trajectory. Tree pruning is a specialist’s job, requiring expertise and experience and, if not done right, will cause short-term or permanent damage to a tree.

Why Tree Pruning Is Important ?

Proper Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Techniques

The right pruning technique is determined by the expected results and objectives of the task. However, the following are some of the trimming techniques that improve the health and attractiveness of the tree:

How Much Tree Pruning Do You Need ?

Dressing Open Wounds :

According to experts, you do not have to cover or apply any dressing on wounds as it will only encourage the spread of infections. To avoid giving your tree any infections, it is best to use uncontaminated cutting tools. If you have to cover up any wounded part of the tree for whatever reasons, ensure you use clean covers and take them off as soon as you can.

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