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Providing local tree care services throughout Windward, Oahu. We are experts at managing large or small projects with the skill and experience our customers have come to expect. Both residential and commercial tree services, island-wide with local pride!

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We at Kailua Tree Service are proud to offer professional tree services, designed to suit our commercial & residential customers' needs while prioritizing sustainability.

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Company is made up of a team of highly skilled & trained tree & landscaping professionals and who pay a lot of attention to the small details. We manage a lot of residential & commercial properties, and can always depend on their reliable tree care & maintenance services.

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Company is made up of a group of highly skilled gardening landscaping professionals and who pays a lot of attention the small details. In the years of experience our staff keep your looking and functioning beautifully.

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Tree Service in Kailua HI

If you are a homeowner, protecting your investment and taking care of your possessions should be one of your top priorities. To achieve this endeavor, there are some aspects you should take heed of if you are to keep your home in top-notch form. This applies to both the interior and exterior of your living space. Your trees, flowers, shrubs, and overall landscaping improve the aesthetic appeal of your house, but they will have to be properly maintained. In order for your trees to remain healthy as they grow, they will need to be trimmed, fertilized, and taken care of properly. You should bear in mind that different trees need varying levels of maintenance and care. The professionals from our tree company are conversant with everything it takes to keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy.

Kailua Tree Trimming Pruning Services

Tree Trimming

Trees should be pruned each year for an array of reasons. Proper trimming facilitates healthy growth. Dead and weak branches require removal given how they have the power to make trees susceptible to diseases and can weaken the tree in general. Big branches that have become weak can break off at any time, which can injure innocent bystanders and damage nearby property. Also, when your tree has been properly pruned, it will maintain its natural appearance and encourage more fruit and flower production. Our tree specialists are knowledgeable when it comes to applying the proper techniques and timing to trim the various tree species to enhance growth.

Kailua Tree Trimming

Tree Health Care

It takes a trained set of eyes to identify whether a tree has health issues. We have a team of certified arborists who have the expertise to diagnose issues that put the health of a tree in jeopardy. Fungus and pests have the potential of weakening any tree. If the infestation is allowed to go on uninhibited, it can spread through the whole tree and kill it. Our tree specialists provide regular tree maintenance services and can spot and diagnose the issue before it escalates. We have the expertise to find the correct remedies that can treat the issue and ensure the tree regains its health. Additionally, trees require fertilization every year using the correct combination of nutrients. We know the right percentage levels of fertilizer to apply to ensure that the trees are thriving.

Tree Removal

There comes a time when the tree may be unsalvageable and cannot be saved due to prolonged neglect. If your tree reaching this point, it shouldn’t stay on your premises since it has the tendency of becoming a health hazard to your family and other innocent bystanders. Our expert tree removal professionals have the skills to remove the tree safely and clean up the space so you can regain and renew your space with other plants that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Kailua Tree Removal Services

Let Our Experts Take Care Of Your Trees

If you give the proper attention to the health of your tree, it will end up costing you considerably more in the future. If your tree is in poor condition, it will degrade the beauty of your property and also create an unsafe environment that is sure to depreciate your property value. Enlist expert tree services from us if you want your trees to be well-maintained.


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